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Whether you like piano rolls, pre-1920 cylinders, 78s from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s or early 45s and mono LPs, this is your station. Broadcasting on AM 680 with the full audio spectrum.
On the internet we stream in the original monaural not wasting bandwidth. Better than CD quality.
To donate you can send your check to KBRD - PO Box 7034 - Olympia, WA 98507 or just click the button below.

Your donations are fully tax deductable. KBRD is a non-profit, listener supported 501(c)3 institution.

Skip and BJ
See our founders, Skip, Bj and Norma on TV.

Paperwork department.
KBRD Public File at FCC
KBRD Public File at studio
EEO report.
Contact Information
PO Box 7034 Olympia WA 98507
E-mail for Public Service Announcements: No attachments opened.
Phone: 360-491-6800

These are the people who keep KBRD going...

Jayson Bucknel - got us into streaming, keeps the stream and our computers humming. Owns Golden- Apple Electronics in Olympia.

Jack Ondracek - keeps the AM signal running and keeps the equipment stable and accurate. Owns Rodeo Drive In in Bremerton.

The board of directors - Jina, Bob, Jack, Leslie, Diane, and DB.

All the listeners and businesses who donate and keep us running.

And, Vicki at Cosmic Awareness Communications for the positive reinforcement provided when really needed.
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Your donations are fully tax deductable.

You can help KBRD by dealing with our business partners...

Rodeo Drive In
Come for the hamburgers, stay for the movies.
Cosmic Awareness Communications - our biggest supporter
In an ever confusing world, Cosmic Awareness can clear the clutter.
Apex Mailing
Apex Mailing Services

Tumwater, WA. 360-357-7081

It is simple - music all day long interrupted at the top of the hour with the legal id and a request for funds.

There are 2 one hour hosted programs.

Saturday at noon
Rhythm Sweet and Hot with Mike Plaskett and Dale Abraham

Sunday at noon
John Wright's British Dance Bands